Company policy


Long-term and trustworthy relationships with investors, tenants, business partners and employees are the cornerstones of all of GIPAM’s entrepreneurial activities.


All implemented investments are managed by our own specialized personnel.

Management level

The leadership style of our superiors is cooperative and oriented towards working together instead of superimposed.


For developing sustainable leasing concepts, stability and a steady value growth of the investment, we live the principle of challenging and encouraging.

  • Responsibility

    We are always aware of the responsibility to our partners, to our customers and to our employees and act in solidarity in the overall interests of society.

  • Communication

    Our daily work is characterized by an open, objective and also critical communication culture with regular team meetings.

  • Independence

    We are convinced that only the freedom of independence and new ideas allows our employees to arouse and develop their full potential.

  • Qualification

    We promote the competence and expertise of our employees by continually expanding their qualifications in the form of internal and external training courses.

  • Vision

    Our employees are trained to look at each project in its entirety with all its facets and to see the bigger picture.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    The satisfaction of our customers is the benchmark on which we measure our entrepreneurial success.