Business park right on the car mile of Giessen

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Business park


An der Automeile 20
35394 Gießen


in 2017

objekt type:

Business park

(BA I)
left hall:
size ca.
square meters
(BA I)
right hall:
size ca.
square meters
big hall:
size ca.
square meters

Project description

Established companies and start-ups watch out! On behalf of the land owner, LCE Deutschland Eins GmbH & Co. KG, GIPAM GmbH develops the “Gewerbepark an der Automeile”.


The name is a preliminary project name and will be finalized in a competition. The commercial park itself is built in the outdoor area, which opens up immediately behind the TÜV building.

Due to the structure that has grown over the years in the entire commercial area, you will find the ideal starting point for your business, both as an established entrepreneur and as a new founder.

The entire project will be implemented in two construction phases (BA I). Firstly, the two southern buildings are being built.

The larger hall on the left will have a total effective area of approx. 1,028 m² and the smaller hall on the right a total effective surface of 372 m². The second construction phase (BA II) involves the erection of the northern hall with a total useful area of 1,256 m².


The completion and the arrival date for the first tenants was in November 2016.

Description of the construction concept

On the basis of BA I we would like to present you our building concept. The outer envelope of the hall is created in one process. Depending on your requirements, the hall can then be divided into individual or several rental units. The building concept allows an individual division of the usable area.

The marked rental area has a total area of approx. 123 m². There are about 119 m² of hall space and 4 m² of WC area available. When designing and building the halls, we placed great emphasis on maximum flexibility. In this way, adjacent halls and / or successive halls can be assembled so that larger units can also be created for the corresponding use.

Here’s an example:


Rental area and equipment description

The surface area, the marked rental area, is about 10.80 m (B) x 11.47 m (T). The clear height of the rental unit is 5.80 m (UKB) and 6.25 m (0KB). Binders only appear when units are joined together. The floor loadability is 5 t per square meter. Each rented area is equipped with a roller shutter with matching window elements, as well as a separate entrance door and a window. One light dome per unit provides additional daylight for the surface. The floor of the hall is smoothed and uncoated. The partition walls are made of gypsum board, filled and painted in the same way as the ceilings in white. Each unit will, of course, have an electrical subdivision, telephone, and Internet connection as well as separate electricity, water, and heat consumption meters.


Situated in the center of Hessen, between the foothills of the Vogelsberg, Taunus and Westerwald, the university town of Giessen has always been a center of attraction for many activities. Renowned training and research facilities, a wide range of cultural activities and an excellent infrastructure with ample shopping streets and a considerable diversity of industries are among the qualities that characterize this vibrant city.

Giessen is surrounded by a sub-highway network, the Gießener Ring, consisting of the regional highways A480 and A485, the B429 running in the western part of the ring as well as the transregional B49. The A485 replaces the B3 federal highway in the Giessen area, which once ran right through the city. The highway network is completed with the interregional and internationally important highways A5 (Frankfurt-Kassel) and A45 (Dortmund-Aschaffenburg). The B457 federal highway also runs in a south-eastern direction.


The “An der Automeile” industrial park, which belongs to the core town, served as an American barracks until reunification. The former barrack buildings are now used by the administrative district and numerous car dealers are located on the remaining site of the former barracks, “An der Automeile”, only 4 km away.

Rental price

Most important of all:
The rental price per unit is agreed based on the tenant requirement and the terms of the lease agreement.
The rental units are offered free of charge by us. Have we piqued your interest? Great, just contact us!

Your contact person


Phone: +49 211 – 136 529 18
E-Mail: info(at)

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.