Babelsberg 03

“Soccer connects the world, at all times and in all places.”

Already during the refugee wave in the nineties, due to the Balkan War at that time, fans of the club Babelsberg 03 played football with refugees, cooked and celebrated together. This year, for example, the antiracist stadium festival “Der Ball ist bunt” (The ball is colorful), which is annually initiated by fans and the sports club, was celebrated for the 14th time.

In 2014, the “Welcome United 03” refugee and integration project was born, in which we support Babelsberg 03. Read more about this in the project description.

The Project (PDF)Babelsberg 03 (Website)
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“Der Kubus”

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World Natural Heritage Wadden Sea.

We support the artist Fritz Wilms and his idea of establishing a connection between the city and the nearby Wattenmeer World Nature Heritage Site through a cube made of brushwood material that is used to construct the barriers in the North Sea. How? Read more about this in the project description.

Project description (PDF)SH-Kunst (Website)


Soccer is not just for men. That’s why we promote the girls and women’s football team in Schlüchtern.

SG-Schlüchtern Website
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